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  • product name : GN30-12 / 630 Isolating Switch
  • product brand : LBAJI
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
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Detailed Instruction

1. Overview

GN30-12 / 630 isolatiion switch is a rotary touch knife type of new isolation switch, the main structure is in the three-phase under the base frame, the next two planes, fixed two groups of crepe and contact, by rotating the touch knife , In order to achieve the switch off the closing.
GN30-12 / 630 isolation switch (indoor AC high voltage disconnector) for rated voltage 10kV, three-phase AC 50Hz power system as a voltage without the case of load, the use of sub-electrical appliances.
GN30-12 / 630 isolation switch to meet the needs of different power systems, the product design performance is excellent, small footprint, strong insulation. Easy to install the adjustment, its performance in line with GB1985-89 "AC high voltage disconnector and grounding switch" requirements for rated voltage 12 kV AC 50Hz and below indoor power system, as in the case of voltage without load, Circuit use. Can be used with high-voltage switchgear, can also be used alone.The performance of this product in line with "AC high voltage disconnector and grounding switch" standard.

2. The use of environmental conditions

Altitude does not exceed 1000m;
Ambient air temperature; upper limit + 40 ° C; lower limit -10 ° C;
Relative humidity; daily average of not more than 95%, the average monthly maximum of 90%;
Tyrants intensity of not more than 8 degrees;
No serious dust chemical corrosive and explosive substances in the place;
There is no frequent severe vibration of the place.

3. The model and its meaning

Main models: GN30-12 / 630A GN30-12D / 1000A GN30-12D / 2000A GN30-12D / 2000A GN30-12D / 2000A GN30-12D / 2000A GN30-12D / 12D / 3150A In addition: there are points for the use of electrical appliances, but also derived from anti-fouling, plateau and can be installed charged display devices.

4. The main technical parameters

Rated voltage (KV)
Maximum voltage (KV)
Rated current (KA)
Thermal stability current (KA)
Thermal stability time (S)
Dynamic current (KA)
Margin level
Lightning impulse voltage (KV)
Phase to 75 fold 85
1min power frequency withstand voltage (KV)
Phase 42 Fracture 48

Model Rated voltage kv Maximum operating voltage KV Rated current A Dynamic current KA(Peak) 4s Heat stabilized current KA(Valid values)
GN30-12/630A 10 11.5 630 50 20
GN30-12/1000A 10 11.5 1000 80 31.5
GN30-12/1250A 10 11.5 1250 80 31.5
GN30-12/2000A 10 11.5 2000 100 40
GN30-12/2500A 10 11.5 2500 100 40
GN30-12/3150A 10 11.5 3150 100 40
GN30-12D/630A 10 11.5 630 50 20
GN30-12D/1000A 10 11.5 1000 80 31.5
GN30-12D/1250A 10 11.5 1250 80 31.5
GN30-12D/2000A 10 11.5 2000 100 40
GN30-12D/2500A 10 11.5 2500 100 40
GN30-12D/3150A 10 11.5 3150 100 40

5. Shape and installation dimensions

6. Order

Ordering Information: Order GN30-12 / 630 disconnector, need to specify the order type, current, quantity and so on.
Such as: Order GN30-12 / 630A disconnector, 630A, 10 only.

7. packaging and transportation

9.1 Packaging
The circuit breaker must be packed in a packed box to be fixed. There shall be a measure in the box to prevent the trolley of the circuit breaker from turning over. Its packaging to meet the technical conditions of product packaging. Packing, out of the box should be carried out in a dry room, out of the box should be checked by packing list to see if it is complete and consistent.
9.2 Transport
Circuit breaker truck should be fixed when transported, to prevent it from turning, not weight. Unpacking, moving out from the box, due to the center of gravity on the side of the arm, the circuit breaker should be part of the hand with the handling tool with the rope tied. (Note: If the switchgear is not fixed with the handling tool, there is the risk of turning over!). The circuit breaker is allowed to walk on the ground.
9.3 Storage
The circuit breaker should be stored in a dry, ventilated, moisture-proof, shock-proof and non-harmful gas chamber, and regularly check whether the environment meets the requirements.
10. Random documents and spare parts
10.1 product certification;
10.2 Factory inspection report;
10.3 User's Manual;
10.4 packing list.